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Lisa's Story

Lisa Stiefken, Executive Director

Although at one time I was rabidly pro-choice (Pro Abort), that ideology changed when I began to observe first hand the destruction of abortion in the lives of individuals I knew. I observed that friends, family members and acquaintances that had experienced abortion(s) could not stop thinking about the baby he or she had thrown away. I saw this exhibited in self-destructive behaviors as well as anger, anxiety and profound, debilitating depression. Because of the aftermath I witnessed, I began to question what I heard from the media and other sources about abortion. As I researched to answer my own questions, the information I found astounded me. I became heartsick and horrified that I had, at one time condoned abortion in any form for any reason. By the time I came to this understanding in the year 2000 about 35,000,000 babies had died. I resolved from that point forward I would do all I could do to share what I discovered to reduce the ever growing statistics.

A couple of almost simultaneous experiences confirmed my call by God to ministry in the sanctity of life (ALL life) arena. God very clearly spoke to my heart through a Bible study of Isaiah 61. I realized that He was calling me to minister hope and healing to people who were wounded and hurting. It was just a short time later that, while attending a conference, Dr. H.B. London challenged me to, “choose the hill upon which I would die.” I knew in that moment that my “hill” was the abortion/sanctity of life issue and that the wounded and hurting I was to serve were those whose lives had been or was at risk of being, impacted by abortion. I am committed to protect and preserve all human life—before and after birth. I will do what I can to stop people before they make the choice to abort which I know will lead to brokenness and compounded pain.

I came to Pregnancy & Family Resource Center in February 2006 with a God given goal to grow the ministry into a functioning limited service medical clinic. We provide limited, non-diagnostic ultrasound five days a week, accurate information regarding a woman’s choices when related to an unplanned pregnancy, abstinence counseling, SaveOne abortion recovery Bible Study, Sexual Integrity classes for teens, adoption information and referrals to community resources as well as other free services to women and families in our community. We have a group of well-trained Client Advocates prepared to assist their clients to set goals and make decisions that will result in a lifetime of positive consequences for herself and her family. We are clear that we save families one child at a time.

We are located next door to and down the street from two of the busiest abortion clinics (Planned Parenthood and Family Planning, Inc) in the Inland Empire where each contributes to an average of 600 abortions every month. God has provided an ideal location that we need to use to our advantage. We’ve added additional signage and advertise heavily on the Internet, area telephone directories and through our website ( for clients, and for partners). We have a very active Facebook page (SB Pregnancy Center) and a current (Search wish lists for Pregnancy & Family Resource Center) wish list to enable our partners to keep current with news and our needs at all times.

My conviction is that since this ministry is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) corporation funded by our generous donors, we need to be wise stewards of all resources entrusted to us. We continually look for ways to expand our ministry, while at the same time practice sound business principles. Our Corporate name is Mountain Right to Life, Inc doing business as Pregnancy & Family Resource Center. TAX ID is 33-0258272

I bring a variety of experience, skills and education to the ministry and business of Pregnancy & Family Resource Center. I have a BA in English (Literature and Composition) with an emphasis in Journalism. I am a freelance writer and I’ve held several management positions, and worked as a secondary classroom teacher. A range of other assignments gave me experience in healthcare, marketing and social services. I am able to I draw upon all of my previous experience for my current position as Executive Director of Pregnancy & Family Resource Center. I hold several post baccalaureate certificates in Management, Supervision and completed with honors, a Leadership Development course, offered by invitation only through San Bernardino County. As I look back over my life, I realize that God has used the sum total of my experiences to bring me to this place of service in my life and to this leadership position. This confirms my conviction that nothing in a believer’s life goes unused by God for His kingdom purposes!

Before his death, my husband, Chuck Stiefken was also involved full time in the pro-life outreach as an independent sidewalk counselor through Life Choices Ministry, which he founded in 2003. He began non-violent, non-confrontational counseling outside local abortion clinics and was there full time, four to five days each week. We chose to be sustaining partners of Pregnancy & Family Resource Center in addition to my employment.

I have a son and two grandsons (5 and 19) and an eight-year-old granddaughter, in addition to my many “children in The Lord” whom I encourage in their faith.  I am a member of Cornerstone Fellowship Bible Church in Riverside, Ca.  I enjoy reading, writing for personal pleasure, gardening, travel, music and spending time with family and friends when I’m not working. I’m a huge fan of social networking so if you’re on Facebook or Linked In, chances are I’ll see you there!

Thanks for your interest in Pregnancy & Family Resource Center! Call me any time (909-382-4550) to find out more.