We Need You

An average month for us is welcoming just over 300 clients into our center. We are able to see them and provide for their needs because of a team of dedicated, faithful volunteers, who average 400 hours per month. We’ve recently also extended our hours to be open on Saturday. A blessing for sure, but we are stretching our current volunteers to cover those extra hours. As our client base increase so must our resources. There are times when clients wait an hour or more to be seen because we don’t have enough Advocates. We have a great need for volunteers who can commit to coming in on Saturdays to serve women who might otherwise go to one of the two abortion clinics that we are strategically located between. We look forward to new volunteers that seek to share their time and talents with our ministry.

The biggest resource needed is people. Here’s a breakdown of the most urgent volunteer needs:

  • Advocates, both men and women. These volunteers meet one on one with clients but must go through a 6-week training class prior to meeting with clients. Those interested should contact Kathleen Jones, 909-382-4550 or kjones@sbpregnancychoices.com.
  • Men, to lift heavy items, do repair work, small construction tasks and deliver items to clients.
  • Event coordinator. This volunteer would plan two to three events a year — strong organizational skills and event experience are preferred. Those interested should contact Kathleen at (909) 382-4550 or KJones@SBPregnancyChoices.com.
  • People to clean, occasional deep cleaning, and organize donated items.
  • An assistant for our Executive Director. This person would do tasks like check the mail and itemizing checks and cash donations. Purge and organize files. Complete small projects

To get more information about any of these volunteer positions, contact Kathleen. Schedule an appointment to tour the center, meet with us and see where you’d fit according to your interests and skills.

Thank you for your support — we couldn’t serve families in need without our dedicated volunteers!

We have volunteer opportunities for both men and women. If you’d like to volunteer, click on the appropriate link below to download, print, and fill out your application.


There is a continual need for volunteers and many opportunities to serve. Some women and men take the 6-week Advocate Training class, “LOVE Approach,” and then work one or more scheduled shifts each week.

Some people prefer to stay in the background. We have folks who enjoy sorting, cleaning and organizing donations or who come in to work on projects. We always have clerical work to do, and of course, since we do not pay a janitorial service, we all pitch in and do it ourselves.

For those of you who are creative: Wanted team players to serve on event planning committees. This will include helping to plan, decorate and tear down as needed on various events we use to increase awareness and raise funds for our ministry.

It takes a lot of volunteers to provide excellent delivery of services to over 3000 clients a year.

There IS a place for YOU.

Volunteer Positions:

Event Coordinator
Event Committee Members
General Volunteers
Small Construction Projects